From the Stacks: Bossypants by Tina Fey

BossypantsI reviewed Amy Poehler’s entertaining memoir Yes Please last week in this space, and as the book (which has maybe my favorite non-fiction book cover of 2014) is still near the top of the New York Times bestsellers list, it seems fitting we should take a look back at Bossypants (792.702 Fey), the 2011 bestseller from Poehler’s good friend and partner in crime, Tina Fey.

At this point in her career, Fey is comedy royalty. She spent time as the lead writer on Saturday Night Live, anchored the show’s Weekend Update segment, wrote the first classic teen movie of the new millenium with Mean Girls, and wrote, produced, and starred in the critically acclaimed television series 30 Rock. Oh, and she made the nearly-pointless Golden Globes telecast watchable for the two years she co-hosted with Amy Poehler. By the time Bossypants was published in 2011, Fey had already established she could write comedy gold. However, there is a world of difference between writing funny sketches or scenes that will come to life on screen in the hands of skilled comedic actors, and writing straight up funny prose on the pages of a book. I was pleased to discover Fey can write as well in this format as she does for the screen.

You can read the rest of my review of Tina Fey’s Bossypants over at Fourth & Sycamore.

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