Fuggles: A Beer Zine

I love beer, I love zines, and I love writing, so last summer I decided to combine the three and create my own craft beer zine. I published the first issue of Fuggles in August 2016. Issue #2 followed in November, with Issue #3 arriving in March 2017.

Each issue of Fuggles contains beer reviews, reviews of books about beer, travel stories, brewery features, and the occasional interview or beer-related list, with color photographs throughout. The zine is full-color, 1/2 size (5.5″x8.5″), staple-bound, and 24 pages long.

For now, Fuggles is for sale at both Quimby’s locations (Chicago and Brooklyn), online at Sweet Candy Press & Distro, and at my Etsy shop, for $3.50 per copy.

I’m a Certified Cicerone®, and I lead a monthly beer class and tasting series, as well as other professional beer tasting events. I certainly don’t know everything there is to know about beer, but hopefully you’ll find Fuggles to be entertaining and informative. If you pick up a copy, let me know what you think!

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