where to find my writing

I do a lot of writing in a lot of other places besides this one. You can find all of it here:

Book Reviews, Essays, & Interviews

Things You May Find Hidden In My Ear by Mosab Abu Toha / On the Seawall
A Conversation with Daniel Olivas / On the Seawall
Every Day We Get More Illegal by Juan Felipe Herrera / On the Seawall
Instructions for My Imposter by Kathleen McGookey / On the Seawall
Premonitions by Elizabeth Schmuhl / Southern Indiana Review
Country House by Sarah Barber / Southern Indiana Review
A Falling Knife Has No Handle by Emily O’Neill / On the Seawall
Echolalia in Script by Sam Roxas-Chua / Gulf Coast Mag
Still Life with Two Dead Peacocks and a Girl by Diane Seuss / Southern Indiana Review
Cruel Futures by Carmen Giménez-Smith / The Bind
Rail by Kai Carlson-Wee / The Collagist
Attributed to the Harrow Painter by Nick Twemlow / Full Stop
Malagash by Joey Comeau / The Puritan Magazine
Registers of Illuminated Villages by Tarfia Faizullah / The Bind
The Second O of Sorrow by Sean Thomas Dougherty / The Sunlight Press
Calling a Wolf a Wolf by Kaveh Akbar / The Georgia Review
The King of Lighting Fixtures by Daniel Olivas / The Rumpus
Heart in a Jar by Kathleen McGookey / Rain Taxi
Harborless by Cindy Hunter Morgan / The Collagist
June in Eden by Rosalie Moffett / The Adroit Journal
Glass Harvest by Amie Whittemore / The Hopper
Holy Ghost by David Brazil / Rain Taxi
Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado / The Millions
Priestdaddy by Patricia Lockwood / The Millions
Güera by Rebecca Gaydos / The Collagist
Two Worlds Exist by Yehoshua November / The Rumpus
Portrait of the Future with Trapdoor by Elizabeth Onusko / The Collagist
Spine by Carolyn Guinzio / The Collagist
Bright Dead Things by Ada Limón / Open Letters Monthly
Rumrunners by Eric Beetner / Cultured Vultures
Post Human by Nate Pritts / The Collagist
Moon Up, Past Full: Novellas & Stories by Eric Shonkwiler / Rain Taxi
Locust House by Adam Gnade / Cultured Vultures
Yearling by Lo Kwa Mei-en / The Collagist
Life Has Been My MFA Program: An Interview with Author Daniel Olivas / Fourth & Sycamore
Second Thoughts: Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller / National Book Critics Circle Critical Mass blog
Saving Julian: An Interview with Author Mason Stokes / Fourth & Sycamore
Damaged Goods: An Interview with Author Dianna Anderson / Fourth & Sycamore
The Clockwork Dagger: A Conversation with Author Beth Cato / Fourth & Sycamore

Film Essays & Interviews

The Lonely Eyes of a Contract Killer (Assassins) / Bright Wall Dark Room
Rags, Riches, and Alligators: Mary Pickford’s Sparrows / Bright Wall Dark Room
A Slow and Fragile Process: Faith & Doubt in the Films of Ingmar Bergman / Bright Wall Dark Room
Presque: An Interview with Local Filmmaker Kate Young / Fourth & Sycamore
Muscle Car Emotions (Bellflower) / Bright Wall Dark Room
Good Movies and Bad Girls: An Interview with Tara Ison / Fourth & Sycamore

Personal Essays

Mimi’s Mattress / The Sunlight Press
Small Kings / Pithead Chapel
Shilo, When I Was Young / Fourth & Sycamore


The Wharf Rat / The Molotov Cocktail
Bascura’s Book / Neat Mag


St. Lucie / Neat Mag


Welcome to Another Episode of How Toddlers Think / Razed
An Open Letter to the Only Other Thomson’s Gazelle on this Motherfucking Ark / Punchnel’s
Application and Aptitude Test for the Position of Chainsaw Killer at Shady Pines Summer Camp / Defenestration Mag

Greenville & Darke County Life (I was the editor of Fourth & Sycamore for a couple years, and wrote a series of local interest and local history stories for them)

Cold Nights and Fair Weather: Musician Anna P.S. Is Ready for Sunny Skies / Fourth & Sycamore
The Coffee Pot Celebrates 5 years / Fourth & Sycamore
Heal the World: An Interview with Emily Jasenski / Fourth & Sycamore
The Merchant House / Fourth & Sycamore

Greenville & Darke County History

The Lohmann Brothers / Fourth & Sycamore
The Winnie Mae at Lansdowne Airport / Fourth & Sycamore
The Popcorn Stand / Fourth & Sycamore
Toll Gates: A Forgotten Piece of Darke County History / Fourth & Sycamore
Christ Wagner Pretzel Bakery: A Nearly Forgotten Local Business / Fourth & Sycamore
Remembering Ed Cornell’s / Fourth & Sycamore
Remembering Bonfiglio’s / Fourth & Sycamore