A Review of sadly defunct film zine The Popcorn Farm

DSCF0387The Popcorn Farm is…well, was…a really fun little movie zine edited by the team of Jacob Cross, Kimberly Stout, Kara Hecker, and Tish Cunningham. Sadly, the zine’s online accounts have been quiet for a couple years, and I think it’s safe to assume the zine will be no more. It’s a shame, because the issue I have–which I believe is the first and possibly only issue–is a lot of fun, despite its slim size. If nothing else, it’s a fantastic idea that needs to be picked up and carried on by someone else.

The handful of pieces in the zine are creative riffs on films and film-watching. In one poem, a woman mourns a missed connection with Al Pacino after a curtain call in 1983. Another poem reflects on a 2001: a Space Odyssey, while an essay (or short story?) tells of the sensory memories of movie popcorn in a woman’s life–discovering her dad’s affair, suspecting her husband’s, suggesting her own.

The Popcorn Farm is only 10 pages, and with the brevity of the written pieces themselves, it could certainly serve to be a longer, fuller zine. The concept, however, is golden. I wish it had lasted.

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