A Review of A Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Rosemary

Image from Pioneers Press site

I actually got this zine for a dear friend of mine currently stuck in the high desert of Nevada, where, until recently, it had not rained since May. She is parched, and I am weary for her, so I ordered some zines to send her from Pioneers Press, and they all deal with plants (which she loves) in various ways–foraging, cooking, witchcraft, etc. A Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Rosemary is all about rose gardening. Just kidding. It’s about all the bad-ass uses for rosemary.

The zine gives some basics for how to grow rosemary in your kitchen, but devotes most of its time to explaining all the many ways this little herb can be used, both for culinary and therapeutic purposes. The zinester (name not given) explains how to make a variety of cleaning solutions, teas, potions, bath infusions, and potpourris with rosemary and other natural materials for various therapeutic and magical purposes, and also provides a few excellent recipes for baking and cooking with this flavorful, aromatic herb.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking with rosemary, but I had no idea how many other purposes is has. I plan to grow some next year. If you love herbs, grab this little zine and learn all about rosemary!

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