2016 Books I Still Want to Read

There are still a bunch of 2016 book releases I want to catch up with and read. Here’s the complete list:


bluesBlues Triumphant by Jonterri Gadson (Yes Yes)



demimondeDemimonde by Kierstin Bridger (Lithic)



burn-bookburn book by Felix Bernstein (Nightboat)



ghosty-booGhosty Boo by Kate Litterer (A Minor)



minotaurWhosoever Has Let the Minotaur Enter Them by Emily Carr (McSweeney’s)



stallionTake this Stallion by Anaïs Duplan (BAP)



beesThe Bees Make Money in the Lion by Lo Kwa Mei-en (CSU Poetry Center)



last-sextLast Sext by Melissa Broder (Tin House)



lylaBecoming Lyla Dore by Teri Youmans Grimm (Red Hen)



volcanoIn the Volcano’s Mouth by Miriam Bird Greenberg (University of Pittsburgh)



beautyOdd Beauty, Strange Fruit by Susan Swartout (Brick Mantel)



virginBecoming the Virgin by Taylor Jacob Pate (Action)



killerKiller by Kimmy Walters (Bottlecap)



flowersThere Should Be Flowers by Joshua Jennifer Espinoza (CCM)




we-eatWe Eat Our Own by Kea Wilson (Scribner)



damascusDamascus House by Corrina Wycoff (Spuytin Duyvil)



kissA Kiss for a Dead Film Star by Karen M. Vaughn (Brain Mill)



blondieBye Bye Blondie by Virginie Despentes (Feminist)



brightfellowBrightfellow by Rikki Ducornet (Coffee House)



tennesseeThe Tennessee Highway Death Chant by Keegan Jennings Goodman (Featherproof)



girls-onGirls on Film by Kathryn Kulpa (Paper Nautilus)



kissing The Kissing Booth Girl by A.C. Wise (Lethe)



snowedSnowed by Maria Alexander (Raw Dog Screaming)



luckShit Luck by Tiffany Scandal (Eraserhead)




cinemaAbstinence Cinema: Virginity and the Rhetoric of Sexual Purity in Contemporary Film by Casey Ryan Kelly (Rutgers University)



paul-thomasPaul Thomas Anderson by George Toles (University of Illinois)



mexicanMexican Melodrama: Film and Nation from the Golden Age to the New Wave by Elena Lahr-Vivaz (University of Arizona)



thrillThrill Me: Essays on Fiction by Benjamin Percy (Graywolf)



finalAfter the Final Curtain: The Fall of the American Movie Theater by Matt Lambros (Jonglez)




Have you read any of these? Which books from last year are you still hoping to read?

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