A Review of the Manic Ogre Nightmare Girl zine, Vol. 1

manic-ogreI honestly can’t remember how I picked up my copy of Vol. 1 of the Manic Ogre Nightmare Girl zine, which came out January 2013. I can’t find a record of the zine online anywhere now, which is a shame, because it’s a nice little zine. Lex, the author, begins by explaining and deconstructing the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope, and gives several examples for those who aren’t familiar with it. From there, the zine moves on to more general feminist topics, including a quasi-review of Jessica Valenti’s modern classic Full Frontal Feminism by contributor Kristen Krein, which evolves into a manifesto of sorts about the steps Krein is taking to be more consistent in her feminism–not using gendered slurs, not getting married (buying into the heteronormative ownership paradigm), etc. There follows a fun defense of Lex’s lifelong adoration for the Spice Girls, and several documentary film recommendations. Some books are recommended as well, and it was nice to see Rae Spoon’s First Spring Grass Fire get some love. More people need to know about Rae Spoon, who is awesome. Miscellaneous graphics and quotes fill out the remainder of the short zine.

Manic Ogre Nightmare Girl is pretty good, and I’d love to see if the author has released any further issues. If you know of any, let me know!

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