A review of Julia Eff’s Lizard People, Dear Reader zine

lizardTaking a break from their heavier (and excellent) zines about gender, mental health, and small-minded assholes, Julia Eff now gives us a small zine about…well, Lizard People. And wolfmen and UFOs and a bunch of other paranormal stuff. Lizard People, Dear Reader: A DIY Guide to Searching for Weird Shit, a 1/8-sized zine (which unfolds like a piece of origami and is just as difficult to refold successfully), is devoted to cryptozoology, the pursuit of beings that have not been verified by science but have not, in the minds of many, been disproved by science either.

The small zine offers some guidelines and advice for taking to a cryptid or UFO hunt with friends. A humorous tone lets the reader know these hunts are mostly about getting out and having an adventure, whether or not you end up getting devoured by a sasquatch or abducted by little green men.

Unfold the zine and flip it over, and you get a map of the United States labeled with locations of many of the most famous and persistent cryptid legends in our country, as well as a list of websites, books, and radio programs for those interested in learning more about “weird shit.”

The zine is a little lean, but it’s fun. Anything by Julia Eff is worth checking out, so do so.

5 thoughts on “A review of Julia Eff’s Lizard People, Dear Reader zine

  1. Certified conspiracy/UFO/paranormal/US-Area-51-we’re-hiding-aliens-here lover, have never heard of Julia Eff but this everything I love (including zine format!) I wonder if she ships to UK – seems like you can only buy from her website.

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      1. Thanks very much! They do indeed ship but it seems to be very pricey. Which is a shame because now I’m browsing Pioneers Press and there’s so many awesome things on there, hah. They’re very good though, they say I can send an e-mail about shipping if it seems enormously high. Cheers!

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