Every Book I Read in 2017

Below is every book and zine I read in 2017. An * denotes a book I had read previously and reread in 2017. Links are to reviews I’ve published here or elsewhere.


Grief Is the Thing with Feathers by Matt Porter (Graywolf, 2016)
Overqualified by Joey Comeau (ECW Press, 2009)
The Orange Eats Creeps by Grace Krilanovich (Two Dollar Radio, 2010)
The Pulse Between Dimensions and the Desert by Rios de la Luz (Ladybox, 2015)
Girls on Film by Kathryn Kulpa (Paper Nautilus, 2016)
Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh (Penguin, 2015)
The Desert Places by Amber Sparks and Robert Kloss (Curbside Splendor, 2013)
Homesick for Another World by Ottessa Moshfegh (Penguin Press, 2017)
*Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling (Scholastic, 2000)
*Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling (Scholastic, 2003)
Exit West by Mohsin Hamid (Riverhead Books, 2017)
The Vine that Ate the South by J.D. Wilkes (Two Dollar Radio, 2017)
My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier (Doubleday, 1951)
River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey (Tor.com, 2017)
The King of Lighting Fixtures by Daniel A. Olivas (University of Arizona Press, 2017)
*Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling (Scholastic, 2005)
Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado (Graywolf, 2017)
*Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling (Scholastic, 2007)
We Were Witches by Ariel Gore (Feminist Press, 2017)
The Kissing Booth Girl and Other Stories by A.C. Wise (Lethe Press, 2016)
The Day the Angels Fell by Shawn Smucker (Revell, 2017)
*The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (Allen & Unwin, 1937)
Itzá by Rios de la Luz (Broken River Books, 2017)
Malagash by Joey Comeau (ECW Press, 2017)
The October Country by Ray Bradbury (Ballantine, 1955)
Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis (Harcourt, 1927)
*Watership Down by Richard Adams (Rex Collings, 1972)
It’s Too Late to Say I’m Sorry by Joey Comeau (The Loose Teeth Press, 2007)


With the River on Our Face by Emmy Perez (The University of Arizona Press, 2016)
Güera by Rebecca Gaydos (Omnidawn, 2016)
Queer Heartache by Kit Yan (Trans-Genre Press, 2016)
The Performance of Becoming Human by Daniel Barzutzky (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2016)
Alcatraz: Poems of the Rock & Mythic California Poems by Jörg (self-published, 2002)
Tonight We Fuck the Trailer Park Out of Each Other by C. Russell Price (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2016)
Shards of Blue by Michael Ratcliffe (Finishing Line Press, 2016)
To Carolyn: A Song of Schizophrenia by Dougie Shoals (Blue Metropolis, 2015)
When She Was Bad by Gabrielle Brant Freeman (Press 53, 2016)
Heart in a Jar by Kathleen McGookey (White Pine Press, 2017)
Ohio Railroads by C.S. Giscombe (Omnidawn, 2014)
*How the End Begins by Cynthia Cruz (Four Way Books, 2016)
*Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals by Patricia Lockwood (Penguin, 2014)
A New Index for Predicting Catastrophe by Madhur Anand (McClelland & Stewart, 2015)
My Feelings by Nick Flynn (Graywolf, 2015)
Questions in the Vestibule by Rachel Hadas (TriQuarterly Books, 2016)
Piano Rats by Franki Elliot (Curbside Splendor, 2011)
Lucky Girl by Tatyana Brown (self-published, 2012)
Harborless by Cindy Hunter Morgan (Wayne State University Press, 2017)
Cold Pastoral by Rebecca Dunham (Milkweed Editions, 2017)
Portrait of the Alcoholic by Kaveh Akbar (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2017)
Ghost Child of the Atalanta Bloom by Rebecca Aronson (Orison Books, 2017)
Rom-Com by Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli (Talonbooks, 2015)
*Black Cat Bone by John Burnside (Graywolf, 2015)
Talk Shows by Monica de la Torre (Switchback Books, 2006)
Beating the Graves by Tsitsi Ella Jaji (University of Nebraska Press, 2017)
Four by Monica de la Torre (Switchback Books, 2013)
Blood Orange by Angela Narciso Torres (Willow Books, 2013)
Winter Tenor by Kevin Goodan (Alice James Books, 2009)
October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard by Lesléa Newman (Candlewick Press, 2012)
My Wicked, Wicked Ways by Sandra Cisneros (Third Woman Press, 1987)
I Could Pee On this Too: and More Poems by More Cats by Francesco Marciuliano (Chronicle Books, 2016)
I Knead My Mommy: and Other Poems by Kittens by Francesco Marciuliano (Chronicle Books, 2014)
Dailies & Rushes by Susan Kingsolving (Grove Press, 1999)
Holy Ghost by David Brazil (City Lights, 2017)
June in Eden by Rosalie Moffett (The Ohio State University Press, 2017)
Calling a Wolf a Wolf by Kaveh Akbar (Alice James Books, 2017)
Glass Harvest by Amie Whittemore (Autumn House, 2017)
The January Children by Safia Elhillo (University of Nebraska Press, 2017)
Lessons on Expulsion by Erika L. Sanchez (Graywolf Press, 2017)
A Doll for Throwing by Mary Jo Bang (Graywolf Press, 2017)
Milk & Filth by Carmen Gimenez Smith (University of Arizona Press, 2013)
Prelude to Bruise by Saeed Jones (Coffee House Press, 2014)
…and I Laughed by P.T. Tyx (2017)
Skin Splitting by Bryanna Licciardi (Finishing Line Press, 2017)
Attributed to the Harrow Painter by Nick Twemlow (University of Iowa Press, 2017)
Echolalia in Script: A Collection of Asemic Writing by Sam Roxas-Chua (Orison Books, 2017)
My Father Was a Toltec by Ana Castillo (West End Press, 1988)
Always Messing with Them Boys by Jessica Helen Lopez (West End Press, 2011)
Palm Frond with Its Throat Cut by Vickie Vertiz (University of Arizona Press, 2017)
The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur (Andrews McMeel, 2017)


The Last Laker: Finding a Wreck Lost in the Great Lakes’ Deadliest Storm by Frederick Stonehouse (Lake Superior Port Cities, 2015)
Thrill Me: Essays on Fiction by Benjamin Percy (Graywolf, 2016)
Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity by Ray Bradbury (Joshua Odell Editions, 1994)
Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube: Chasing Fear and Finding Home in the Great White North by Blair Braverman (Ecco, 2016)
Priestdaddy by Patricia Lockwood (Riverhead, 2017)
*Pretty Poison: The Tuesday Weld Story by Lloyd Conner (Barricade Books, 1995)
Railroad Semantics #1-4 by Aaron Dactyl (Microcosm Publishing, 2012)
Suicide Blonde: The Life of Gloria Grahame by Vincent Curcio (William Morrow, 1989)
Working on the Railroad by Brian Solomon (Voyageur Press, 2006)
Sunshine State: Essays by Sarah Gerard (Harper Perennial, 2017)
Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction by Jeff Vandermeer (Abrams Image, 2013)
So Cold a Sky: Upper Michigan Weather Stories by Karl Bohnak (Cold Sky Publishing, 2006)
Whalebacks: Wrecked, Scrapped, Lost & Forgotten by Neel R. Zoos (Avery Color Studios, 2007)
Lupe Vélez: The Life and Career of Hollywood’s “Mexican Spitfire” by Michelle Vogel (McFarland, 2012)
Ohio Train Disasters by Jane Ann Turzillo (The History Press, 2014)
Ida Lupino, Director: Her Art and Resilience in Times of Transition by Theresa Grisham and Julie Grossman (Rutgers University Press, 2017)
The Optimistic Environmentalist: Progressing Towards a Greener Future by David R. Boyd (ECW Press, 2015)
It’s the Soul that’s Erotic: an Essay on Adélia Prado by Ilya Kaminsky (Orison Books, 2017)


Ohio’s Craft Beers by Paul L. Gaston (Black Squirrel Books, 2016)
Complete IPA: The Guide to Your Favorite Craft Beer by Joshua M. Bernstein (Sterling Epicure, 2016)
The Homebrewer’s Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to Making Your Own Beer from Scratch by Marika Josephson, Aaron Kleidon, & Ryan Tockstein (The Countryman Press, 2016)
Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans by Dan Becker & Lance Wilson (Chronicle Books, 2010)
The Drunken Botanist: The Plants that Create the World’s Great Drinks by Amy Stewart (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2013)
Farmhouse Ales: Culture and Craftsmanship in the Belgian Tradition by Phil Markowski (Brewers Publications, 2004)
Trappist Beer Travels: Inside the Breweries of the Monasteries by Caroline Wallace, Sarah Wood, and Jessica Deahl (Schiffer, 2017)
Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour (Lonely Planet, 2017)
*Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink, Second Edition by Randy Mosher (Storey, 2017)
Beerology by Mirella Amato (Appetite, 2014)
Brewed in Michigan: The New Golden Age of Brewing in the Great Beer State by William Rapai (Wayne State University Press, 2017)
Brewing Beer in the Gem City: A Pictorial History of the Brewing Industry in Dayton, Ohio by Robert A. Musson (self-published, 2014)
Atlas of Beer: A Globe-Trotting Journey Through the World of Beer by Nancy Hoalst-Pullen & Mark W. Patterson (National Geographic, 2017)
Cheese & Beer by Janet Fletcher (Andrews McMeel, 2013)
Beer Pairing: The Essential Guide from the Pairing Pros by Julia Herz & Gwen Conley (Voyageur Press, 2015)


Advice from a Siren by Shari Caplan (Dancing Girl Press, 2016)
LeToMaGic: Issue #2
Blau #20
My Aim Is True: One by Carrie Colpitts
Congratulations You Are Prequalified for the Darkness that Consumes us All by Jamie J. Mortara
Goth Gang 1 & 2
Lizard People, Dear Reader by Julia Eff
My Aim Is True, No. 9: Scary Stuff by Carrie Colpitts
Welcome to Your New Life with You Being Happy by Rachel Bell (Pioneers Press, 2014)
That Girl Zine #15: The Music Issue by Kelli Callis
And We Dreamt About It Together: Memoirs from the 7th Grade Students at Curtis Elementary (826Chi, 2015)
Amtrak: Adventures Through the South by Sarah & Sophie
You Better Watch Where You Spit by Julia Eff
POPs: Parents on Parenting #1 edited by Jonas
They Call Me Rocket: Stories of a Rose City Stripper, Volume One
Elliott Smith Stabbed Himself in the Heart by Deirdree Prudence

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